About Us

About Us

HD CarCare is your source for the premier   provider of high quality car care products. With over two decades of research and development HD CarCare products has established a solid name in the car wash, detailing, and car care industry. Our team¹s combined experience in the car wash and detailing business; owning and operating car washes gained us a better understanding of the industries desires and concerns. It has helped us tremendously in gaining a solid insight on our customer¹s desires.

We are proud to be the leading choice for   many dealerships, detailers, body shops and car wash operators. We have the largest selection of car care chemicals, a body shop safe line, and auto   detailing accessories. Throughout our extensive experience in the car care   industry we have tested many car care detailing accessories; no detailing brush, polishing pad, or wax applicator is the same, we know what  works and what doesn¹t. You can be confident that when purchasing these  detailing accessories they have been put through our rigorous tests and exceeds in both quality and performance compared other products out there. While   two brushes may look alike they may not perform the same.

3D¹s founders always knew that they wanted to use the best ingredients possible to make products while still keeping costs low for you. No research goes unfinished. We are constantly improving our products and keeping tabs on future trends and government requirements.

As a society, it is no longer ok to pollute the environment, use harmful products, or waste our beautiful earths valuable resources. At HD CarCare, we proudly manufacture green, biodegradable and eco-friendly car care products. Back in the 1990¹s 3D was the first company to develop waterless car wash. While back then no one cared about being eco-friendly and saving water it has become a popular choice. Our founder and managing directors are constantly dedicating themselves to develop greener products well in advance of mandatory industry regulation changes, implementing sustainability and green business practices.

Now, we open our new south east asia market. As we see so many demand from CarCare industry on Indonesia, we came to Indonesia market. For Indonesian market, Enjoy our highest technology product..

Cleaning will be so easy, Polishing can be so Simple. With HD CarCare,"Detailing Made Simple.."

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